If you have used our call connection service and are either dissatisfied or made a call in error then we are happy to refund you for the call cost. No fuss.

At Contact Information our aim is to provide a transparent call connection service and our goal is to meet all of the recommended protocols that are set out to ensure that all users of our service are clearly aware of the nature and cost of the numbers that we operate. We appreciate that some users of our service customers can miss information on the website pages, audio introduction message and from time to time may not fully understand the nature of the numbers and call connection service.

We always aim to deliver a simple and easy to understand service, however, the networks and systems which we rely can occasionally pose issues outside of our control; ranging from the quality of a call to delays in data. This can create some concern on the service we provide and for this reason or any other we offer a full no questions refund.

Whatever the reason, if we can identify your call to our service, we will make a full refund to anyone who requests it. We will honour this promise without lengthy questions or delays. We simply ask for necessary information from users to review our systems to check call details and initiate the refund. ​

Please see the form below which shows you the required information that we need to verify and process any refund requested. Using this form is the quickest way to initiate a refunds and if you have any further questions, please contact us directly and we are happy to help.

Refund requests

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